Wedding Testimonials

Craig and Janey Cameron

milton weddingOriginally I had planned to help my daughter co-ordinate the wedding myself - I had organized functions before...I knew the basics. But as ‘THE’ date grew closer, as ideas expanded, decisions got deferred, the guest list grew, and the budget diminished...there was an inevitable rise.... Read the complete testimonial

Caleb and Tess’ Guinery

milton weddingIt’s been said that weddings are the most stressful time in a person’s life… For us this wasn’t the case. In the lead up our the wedding prior to having a wedding planner, things were a little tense, sticky situations arose and there was a lot more to think about then we were aware of. Read the complete testimonial

Karen and John Griggs

Karen and John GriggsWe just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in the lead up to our wedding and most importantly on our wedding day!  We had the most magical day and your help and support to us and your family was invaluable.
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Jacqueline and Mitch

Jacqueline and MitchI just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you so much for your help with our wedding. Your help on the day allowed us to be able to relax and enjoy the day in the way we had hoped, knowing that everything was completely under control.
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Illuska and Malcolm

Illuska and MalcolmIWe initially wanted to plan our wedding day entirely ourselves, however it soon became clear that there was far more to it then we originally though. Also living in the UK and getting married in Australia made it almost impossible to plan ourselves and we has a Limited time scale of just three months. Read the complete testimonial

Sandy and Chris

milton weddingOn the day of the wedding everything seemed perfect. Although I am aware of things that werent necessarily going to plan Clare was always there fixing them. I was sick on the day of the wedding and Clare was making sure there was a towel and bucket wherever I was headed to next. Read the complete testimonial